Saturday, May 08, 2004

here we go!

Here we go! Today was a busy day!

The back porch (off the kitchen) is being framed in and turned into my laundry room and pantry.

Jeff also took down the sheetrock on the front wall of the foyer. On the other walls, there are old planks under the sheetrock. If possible, we hope to put them back up in the foyer instead of sheetrock. In between the sheetrock and the planks, we found old wallpaper. It is actually a fabric instead of paper like we use today. It was also nailed onto the wall in place instead of glue. I read that sometimes they would take the wall "paper" down and take it with them if they moved.

When we bought the house, the room that was to be the kitchen was completely unfinished, with no flooring, ceiling, or sheetrock. The people before us had a make-shift kitchen in the downstairs room that we will be using as the informal living room. Before that, the kitchen was in a section of the house that was torn down due to structural damage. Today, Jeff and Randy have installed utility boxes in the kitchen. The sheetrock is installed put up on the section of the room that will have cabinets and counters!

Also, Jeff has taken the closet out of the dining room. It must have been used as a bedroom in the past.

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