Sunday, May 16, 2004

we're nuts

The windows in the dining room are now installed. There will be a French door in between them. This will have a view of the pecan tree and crepe myrtles out back.

The Utility room and upstairs siding is complete.

In the foyer, we found a surprise under that wallpaper! You can tell that, at one point, there were stairs on the left wall... which is just baffling... Check it out!

There are 2 rooms upstairs that still have the original flooring. We are taking that up to use in the downstairs, and then we will have all matching hardwood for the upstairs. Jeff has been taking up floorboards from the upstairs master bedroom.

We have a whole colony of squirrels in this house. Jeff has taken up the floorboards in one of the rooms to find the squirrels' stash of pecans.

Also today, Jeff has begun grouting around the chimney where there is a big gap between it and the house.

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