Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Martha Stewart and Bob the Builder

Let me explain to you how decisions are made when you are renovating a house. You see, I don't know a whole lot about structure or, well, realism. Jeff isn't an expert on aesthetics. So, when a decision has to be made about where to put a column, a door, etc, this is how it works...

First, Bob the Builder assesses the situation and comes to Martha Stewart for input. Martha let Bob know exactly where she would put it. Bob respects that Martha is the expert on this, but Bob isn't going to let Martha take a wall out and have the house crash down on top of her homemade herd garden centerpieces. Bob expresses concern with the feasability of Martha's request. Martha simply states that this is what Martha would do. If it can work, then it should happen. Bob ponders and thinks... gets out his laptop and calculates some ratio of this to that, and in the end, Martha has a well placed support column in her upstairs foyer.

This was just a little insight for those of you wondering how a marriage could handle a project like this!

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