Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lots of progress

It's a while since I've updated, and I'm pleased to say that we have done a lot during that time!

Last weekend, Jeff and Randy finished my kitchen backsplash and (drumroll please...) trimmed up my kitchen windows! I don't have to look at bear sheetrock in there any more! I didn't realize it bugged me so much until I came home and it was finished... and I actually cried!

We have done a lot of work on the garage since my last post. The roof is almost finished, the dormer is in, and the back wall is up! The boys call it Daddy's workshop.

Jeff has taken the chimney out in the attic, down to the floor. We thought it was going to be a major ordeal, but it turns out, the chimney was barely held up with little more than sand., so Jeff was able to tap each brick free (scary stuff!). Taking the chimney out meant that we had LOTS of bricks- 3 floors up. Instead of hauling them down the stairs, we opted to yank the vent off the front gable and toss them out (much better). Of course, this left us with, well, a big gaping hole in the front of the house. But, not anymore! We framed up the hole to put in a window, and put fishscale shingles on the front gable. Today, the window went in, and the trimboards for the top of the roofline went up. It looks awsome! Click here for pics of the exterior!

Jeff is actually up there working on the other front gable as I type...

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Anonymous said...

You are some weird people. Who in their right mind would spend all that time repairing an old house when you could just buy a spiffy new one. I hope you have a cool brother-in-law or something to make up for your weird taste.