Thursday, July 20, 2006

A "Pretty Good Deck"

Jeff has finished putting the decking down on the back deck. Asa walked out last night, knelt next to Daddy, and said, "You done with your deck? You made a pretty good deck".

The posts still need to be trimmed to the same height and there is the whole rail issue to tackle, but we can finally walk out the back door without either falling to our doom or stepping out onto a grid of balancing beams (which you should try with a full bag of garbage that you are trying to take out!).


Anonymous said...

I just got done looking through your blog. I noticed that there are a lot a pictures with your kids playing while your husband is working on the house. I sure hope your kids don't get a warped sense of the world seeing him do manual work. Everybody knows by now that Americans don't do physical labor. You are preparing your kids to do well in a third world country and not do well here.

Holly said...

Oh, shut up, Mike!