Saturday, January 13, 2007

Great Finds... Empty Wallets

Well, we went to the Scott's Antique Market at the Atlanta Exposition Center today. We usually go to the Lakewood Antique Show, but since it closed it's doors (sniff, sniff) we decided to venture out to find a fireplace cover for the upstairs... and possible a chefrobe- since we have no closets!

We found more than we were looking for. We did buy a chefrobe and also found a GREAT Hunter's Cabinet that we decided that we couldn't live without. It will go in the formal living room, probably as the coolest liquor cabinet ever... whenever we can get around to getting it finished. Here is the chefrobe...

And here is the Hunter's Cabinet (French, from about 1890):

On our way out, we actually found the fireplace insert, too!!

We loved the Lakewood Show. There can't be anything like it at another venue. The Scott's Market was huge, and there were lots of vendors... but we prefered the atmosphere of Lakewood. The best part of Scott's was in the exterior section, where all of the architectural antiques (and many of Lakewood's old vendors) were located. All in all, I am just pleased that there is still a place to go as we try to piece together our house!

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