Thursday, August 02, 2007

But we can't leave the towels on the floor...

We are officially upstairs now. I have been a very busy little bee and have accomplished way more in two weeks than I thought I could!

*painted my bedroom furniture
*stained and polyurethane-d the new bedroom floor
*Touched up scratches, scrubbed, and repolyurethane-d the upstairs foyer floor
*painted the upstairs foyer
*convinced Jeff and Randy to move my furniture up those stairs
*moved the living room furniture from the foyer to the actual living room (YAY!)
*polyurethane-d the stairs
*and now I'm in the process of cleaning up the aftermath of the move

We upgraded to a king sized bed (so all four of us can fit without elbowing each other in the face!) and now that we're in a new room with a fireplace and "new"ish furniture, Jeff feels like he's in a hotel room. For the first couple nights up there, we had no curtains. It was a bit odd waking up and seeing moms walking the track and kids riding their bikes in the park across the street... right from bed. It felt a bit like we were sleeping in the park itself- in a tree.

I need to get everything cleaned up, and then we need to trim the upstairs foyer. After seeing both foyers painted we realized that the wood upstairs (that had been exposed) looks great. It probably has 18 coats of paint over the years, but it has filled in the gaps between the boards well and looks really good. The downstairs, and along the stairs, was covered and raw. It needs either some caulk, a few coats of primer, or 100+ years of paint coats on it to looks the same as the upstairs. The work list never ends. I'm sure one day I'll get to it... but for now I've got bigger fish to fry.

We're still getting the living room situated, but I'll hopefully have pictures of it soon. As for now, here are some pictures of our new room (you'll have to imagine the mirror on the mantle!)

Okay, and here's a picture of the foyer... even though it's not as "done" as I'd want it to be!


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