Monday, June 09, 2008

The Long Awaited Ceiling

Due to financial reasons, progress has been very slow lately. However, the impending arrival of our new baby in October has us moving again!

We have been waiting to put up the antique ceiling tiles that we found years ago until we had finished the upstairs bathroom. The plumbing made it a bit of an issue to put up. Now that the bathroom is completed (at least semi-completed... we do need, well, a DOOR), Jeff and Randy started the downstairs foyer ceiling project.

They put the ceiling tiles over wood, using liquid nail and a brad nailer. It worked beautifully. We will be painting the tiles once Jeff finishes putting up the trim. The uneven ceiling and unsquare room makes it a bit of a challenge... as it always does in an old house. The antique light fixture was left with the house (thank you Gial and Ray!!!!) and we are absolutely and totally in love with it!

In order to make room for baby, we will be finishing the downstairs room off the foyer (which will be the formal living room when the 3rd floor is completed or when my kids grow up and move out... whichever comes first).

The baby will get the room that we are now in, upstairs across from the boys' room, which is actually the master.... which will be the master one day far far from now.

Here are some pictures of the formal living room/our next bedroom as of now:


goddessof4 said...

Love the tin ceiling!!!!! What color will you paint it? It looks good now if you decide not to.

Holly said...

It will be an "Antique White". I like it like it is, but the tiles really are more rusty than they appear in the pictures. I am hoping we'll get the painting done this weekend so we can move on! We have until October to have a room for the baby! AHHH!!!

rustic said...
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