Sunday, September 21, 2008


What a productive weekend!

Randy and Jeff finished putting the floor down in the living room... and then Asa and Randy sanded it!

After a lot of sanding and a hormonal meltdown on my part (a clean house, a lot of dust flying, and a 9 month pregnant wife is a bad combo), the floor was ready to be stained. Jeff tried the "roll on" approach to staining this time. It seems to me that it goes on a bit thicker than a brush, and it's hard to blend your stops and starts... but it is a ton quicker. I think rolling on the polyurethane will be easier to do than the stain. But, with my belly setting its the secret time limit, the roll on stain worked good enough for me!

There was some flooring leftover, so Jeff used it for the wall in the Butler's Pantry area... which hasn't had a wall since we gutted the bathroom and put in the pocket door. It has always really bugged me for that little hallway to look so horrible for the past 4 years, but it has just been very low on the priority list. Now, it has a WALL! We are contemplating using that space as our test bed for learning to use the textured paintable wallpaper before attempting it on the living room ceiling. With the wall, the wallpaper, and the antique tin backsplash put in (which wouldn't be that hard to do), I just may pass out from shock!

I know it doesn't look like anything special, but believe me... it's a step in the right direction! It seems I don't have a before picture of how we've lived with it for the past few years, so you'll have to take my word for it!

Oh... and I also started recovering our dining room chairs with a coordinating fabric to our curtains. It has been very theraputic to rip out that nasty old cover that was on it and get rid of it for good!


goddessof4 said...

You guys are on a roll!!! I am so jealous that you have a butlers pantry!!!! I have been dreaming of one !!!! I have turned our back hallway that leads into our basement as our pantry.It works for now but still needs "tweaking" Also I love your wood floors!!!

willowhillfarmer said...

We have just moved into our own historic old house in KY. I started my blog a couple of months ago. I am jealous that you guys have made so much progress. But, I know that it all takes time. We are just starting our adventure.
I have enjoyed reading your blog as it gives me hope that things will eventually begin to shape up around here. Right now we are winterizing! We have an Asa too!