Monday, April 19, 2010

No More Door to Nowhere!

It's been forever since I posted, it seems that we are too busy having babies to do a whole lot of anything else lately! Our newest (and last!) baby girl was born February 26th!

Since I last posted, we have managed to finish the back deck, so the dining room no longer has a door leading to nowhere! The kids absolutely love being able to play on the big deck, and I love being able to baby gate off the stairs and let Ivey romp around in the sunshine! Jeff and his dad cut the balusters and, of course, the boys helped. It still needs to be painted, but we are enjoying it immensely!


SMU Cox Web Site said...

It looks like great fun and I love the period details. We've just bought one that's only a few years younger than yours.

Omar said...

Nice work -- I like the semicircular steps leading off the deck too.. :)

Holly said...

Thanks! :)