Sunday, May 14, 2006

Doors and windows and such...

Well, I have finally finished the heinous task of stripping the stairs. Each step was painted long long ago with thick brown (probably lead based) paint.... and it took lots of work to get each one stripped "enough". I'm so glad that job is over!

We are actually using a BEDROOM as a BEDROOM!

The boys are now living comfortably in the master bedroom! They had NEVER been up the stairs before (and we've lived here over a year and a half!), so it was a BIG deal to have the baby gate down! They had to go and get all their toys and "move in"! It was a big day. (Addison was standing in his new room with a teddy bear in his hand- they moved each toy up the stairs one at a time- looked around, and said, "Where's my tub?" Ha! The tub's not coming with you, silly!

Jeff has also put in a little round window in the gable of the garage, which he plans to back with stained glass one day. The garage door is up (THANK YOU TIM!) and the siding is "getting there"! I cannot wait until this is DONE so we can evict the table saw, tool benches, etc from the HOUSE! We haven't had the "formal living room" not be a workshop since we bought the house- what an amazing sight that would be!

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