Monday, May 29, 2006

Eyes are bigger than our... patience?

We went to Madison, GA for our anniversary. We saw lots of awsome ideas, porches, trim... work. The trip did "inspire" us to start thinking about our porch trim. We have regular run of the mill spindle ballusters now... Jeff would love to have the FAT kind... There is no way I am turning a 3 sided wrap around porch on the lathe... BUT, we did see lots of examples of different types of ballusters in Madison. Jeff has come up with a couple cool designs for some, taking a 1x6 and natching out circles and such... I think it would look fabulous! We also were able to look at porches' top trimming, so we got a good feel for what we would like to have. Here is an example of a cut-out balluster, although we would not be going with something this ornate...

Here is a concept drawing (click for bigger view) :

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