Saturday, January 27, 2007


I have learned to appreciate something over the past 3 years of living here.... CLOSET SPACE. Right now, we have one tiny closet under the stairs and a little closet in the living room (the current location of our bedroom). The boys have a chefrobe and we do, too (although I haven't gotten Jeff motivated enough to put a ROD in it).

The upstairs linen closet is now a reality! The little hallway is shaping up, and the bedroom that we have been working on has WALLS! There have been rooms in this house which we have ripped up just to put back... and this room is not one of those. Like the kitchen, we have never seen this room with walls. or a floor. The upstairs bedroom had gaps where wind would rush in and you heard nature as if you were standing in a tree. No longer! It sounds like a house in there... like a real room... it is quiet(ish)! There is now sheetrock up, although it will be covered when we put up the panels. Here are pics:
View from foyer--

Inside the closet--
From inside the room looking out--

The fireplace shaping up--
And, as promised, I took picture of the attic progress. Here you can see the cellulose insullation that we sprayed in (which we highly recommend), and the flooring that Jeff started to put in.

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goddessof4 said...

I love your home!!!! You guys are doing a great job!!!!!!