Friday, January 19, 2007

The Search Awards

Here is a list of keywords that people have used in search engines to get to this site:

brick laying
home renovation blog
raising a roof
attic work
finishing an attic Victorian home
pictures of hardyplank house
sheetrock gap filling
putting tongue and groove on walls
home marth
tin backsplash
installing "tongue and groove" ceiling
making a foyer seem taller
home attic roof raising
how far should balusters on porch be spaced
"brick laying" decorative house gables
attic finished pictures
laying brick around windows
old spindle porch rails
pictures of scalloped front porch trim
siding sunburst design
old home renovation pictures
2x4 knee walls
pictures of different trim work in bedrooms
brick to an older home
hardyplank siding
finishing an attic gable
home renovation ideas and pictures
decorative post for house porch pictures new construction
brick laying backsplash photos
tongue and groove ceiling
attic finished pictures
laying brick steps
Mr. Muscles
good decking pictures
unfinished fireplace covers for decorative painting
home smokehouse
bulter pantry backsplash
brick laying
laying out a siding sunburst
scalloped siding
Raising the roof
front gable home
stairway trim work pictures
old home renovation
front door with sunburst grids
blue jay birds chipping off paint
Drawing eyes
raising a roof
putting scalloped trim on the outside of your home
old plank walls
chickens eating mice
laying brick around window
taking up old floorboards

And the winner of the best search term is.....


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