Monday, May 28, 2007

Twisted Cistern

My crazed husband is at it again. This time, he is creating a system for collecting rainwater... for watering our newly planting landscaping and for survival during a terrorist attack to our water/power industries, Y3k, or flu pandemic. It involves collecting every drop that lands on our shiny tin roof into (decorative) barrels. These barrels will then be able to overflow into less attractive barrels hidden underneath the porch- with tops to keep it all nice and clean. At the bottom of these barrels Jeff attached taps. He has drip irrigation hoses attached to the taps, which go to various garden spots.

We now have a barrel in the back yard that has a 1/2" hose shooting down the fenceline... with the ability to cut in and add secondary lines that run to spots in the backyard (including my vegetable garden!).


Hal said...

I like this. I wish I'd have told Jeff that I could have gotten him a deal on a 10,000 gallon storage tank. You could have your own water tower.

Holly said...

That's what we're missing... our own water tower!