Friday, May 25, 2007

"You never can tell with bees" -Pooh

"That buzzing-noise means something. If there's a buzzing noise, somebody's making a buzzing-noise, and the only reason for making a buzzing-noise that I know of is because you're a bee. ....
And the only reason for being a bee that I know of is making honey.....
And the only reason for making honey is so as I can eat it."

Our time to cut down the tree is rapidly approaching, so "Mr. Jeff", as the boys call him, came back to try to get the bees. He made a Bee-vac to suck them into a wire cage housed inside of a wooden box. He tore into the tree (which is indeed rotten) and found a motherload of comb and bees.

Here is a picture that he took of the inside of the tree. There were five sections of comb, which went way back into the tree.

After hacking a little further up the branch, Jeff was able to take pieces of the combs, with bees in tow, and put them in a big huge Tupperware container.

After hours of hard work, he was able to get a bunch of bees... but there are still lots in the tree... along with lots of HONEY! We don't want the bees to become a casualty, so we hope to find another bee-loving crazy man to climb up and take a crack at it! If Jeff (my Jeff) had a bee hat, I guarantee he'd be up there.... Heck, he climbed up to take a look without one! Of course, he didn't get stung. Safely on the ground, I somehow managed to have one buzzing around in my SHIRT! Ouch.

*From this adventure I learned that bee larvae are GROSS.

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