Friday, October 31, 2008 with the new...

Jeff and I haven't bought a whole lot of furniture during our 9 years of marriage. We've actually purchased a couple chairs, a handful of antiques, but no living room set, dining room set, bedroom set, etc. We've managed to make due with hand-me-down-had-since-college furniture that, to be honest, I am sick of. I am 30 now. Surely we can move on the grown up furniture, right?

Well, as we work on finishing the new living room, we are going to say goodbye to the fantasic piece of furniture that we bought 8 years ago. Our t.v. stand was purchased at a GoodWill in Riverdale for $25. To be honest, I will miss it. It has served us well. But, we are going to move on to a grown up entertainment center.

We called the guys to did our cabinets four years ago and asked if they could make a built-in unit for us. We had a good idea of what we wanted, and we knew we could trust these guys to take our ideas and completely rock them out. We knew we could trust these guys and they came through!

Jeff had wired the room with surround sound speakers behind the crown molding. Now, we just need a grown up t.v. and speakers! (Oh, and I guess we need to paint the trim and move the furniture, too!)


goddessof4 said...

wow that is a massive piece of furniture!!!! It looks great!!!

Larry said...

These are AWESOME!!!!