Monday, November 24, 2008

We have SOUND!

After the boys' violin recital last weekend, we had lots of help to move furniture around the house. It was a major feat, but we have a complete living room, our bedroom is moved downstairs, and the baby's stuff is out of the upstairs foyer and stacked all over her room-to-be. I have TONS of work to do, but at least now I can go ahead and be stressed trying to get it done as opposed to being stressed about how stressed I will be when I do get to try to get it done.

Jeff and I decided to wait on buying a flat screen tv until the prices come down on them. But, we did end up going ahead and getting a nice new 7.1 surround system for each other for Christmas. Oh, and a DVD Recorder. We may not have that new tv yet, but the old one never sounded so good!

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