Thursday, February 05, 2009

Insulation Blows.

We blew in cellulose insulation into the back half of the attic a few years ago. It was easy, painless and actually kinda fun. We bought the bags of insulation, which came with free blower rental. Jeff had the end of the hose in the attic and I was on the ground feeding bag after bag into the blower. We had it all finished in about an hour.

This time, we were not so lucky. First off, Jeff went to Home Depot to get the insulation and blower. This took place after work, in January. It was dark and cold. Yuck. We were pretty excited that the one right down the street had it ready to go. Jeff picked it up and we went to work. Uh. Wait. It would turn on, but didn't have enough power to actually move the insulation. Jeff took that one back to the store and picked up the other one that they had. This one didn't even turn on. Ug. The woman at the store asked Jeff if he could get the one from the Loganville branch the next day. Jeff agreed.

After work, Jeff hightailed it to Loganville to get the blower. It seems that there was a mis-communication. The blower was not there. The woman from our branch had come to pick it up. SO... Jeff went to retrieve the wayward blower.

He brought it home and it did, in fact, work. It was cold and dark... needless to say his wife (that would be me) wasn't in the best of moods. The baby was asleep in the swing and the kids were playing Nintendo, and they were all situated so that I could see them as I worked. The baby is sleeping. Good news, right? Not when bedtime is supposed to be only two hours away. The entire time I was out there hauling bags and stuffing them into the blower, I was thinking of how sleepless my night was sure to be.

It took a while, but we got all of the insulation up there. Jeff went to take the blower back and they seemed to have no record of him. They weren't able to cancel his deposit... if he had given it. Good grief.

In the end, it all worked out and we have a nice toasty attic. Well, okay. The attic itself isn't toasty, but the upstairs sure is! I would have been happier if some of the insulation mess hadn't crept down (and continue to creep down) through cracks in the ceiling and cracks between the boards in the hall closet, but in our house, that would be pretty picky of me. So, I vaccuum.

Last weekend, Jeff and Randy picked up the flooring from Colonial Pine Floors in Madison. We were very pleased with the quality of the flooring for such a good price! They put some of the flooring down already. The supports that you see will be taken out and replaced with something else... hopefully the front of our house won't fall off in the process...

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