Friday, January 02, 2009

Light in the Attic

No, I'm no Shel Silverstein, but we do indeed have a light in the attic. After the push to finish the living room came to a happy conclusion... with stockings and surround sound speakers hung with care... we have focused our attention upward. The attic has been a project that has seen a little bit of action here and there, but now, I believe it will have its day. This area is going to ROCK. I mean, all the cool kids are going to want to come play video games at our house!

Because it's been a while since this area has been given any thought, I will rehash what will be going on up there. This will be Asa and Addison's final destination. They will each have their own rooms, with a central living area and bathroom with shower. It will be a little funky with the knee walls and lowish ceilings, but it will no doubt be the a space that my inner child will envy! We won't want to put a lot of weight up there, so we're thinking beadboard or other panels for the walls. Like the rest of the house, it will have wood floors (Jeff began that process a while back). I envision a futon in the living area and futon-bunk beds in the rooms. Ikea, here we come!

Flooring - Lumber Liquidators
Tin Ceiling Tiles -
Crown Moulding & Marble Tiles - Souther Surplus (Athens, GA)
Built-In Entertainment Center - Custom Cabinets by Design (Monroe, GA)


Shane and Casey said...

The living room looks amazing! I might have missed it, but are you planning on painting the tin ceiling or leaving it? I imagine it would look great either way!

Holly said...

Thanks! Well, we had initially planned on painting it... but once we put it up we thought it looked pretty good as is. We just decided that we can paint it later, but we could never unpaint it, so we'll just enjoy it like this until we decide to do something else!