Sunday, September 06, 2009

In Color

After a long process of pressure washing, scraping and wire brushing the entire house (which was 98% Jeff's doing since I found out I am pregnant again at the beginning of the process), it's paint time! Jeff and Randy went ahead and purchased the scaffolding, which made the job a billion times easier, plus it provided hours of entertainment for the boys.

Jeff, Randy and Asa worked on the balusters for the upstairs porch. The old ones were the pits and had to go. Asa did a great job of sanding! We're hoping to get them painted tomorrow.

I'm glad we had already come to the conclusion that we needed to move closer to family because now that we have a surprise baby #4 on the way (and for those trying to add up the months... our youngest is almost 11 months old right now, so these two will be 17 months apart!) I will need family nearby more than ever. Also, the need for bedrooms has exceeded the speed at which we could finish the attic, so we have even more need to find a wonderful family who will love our home as much as we do.


goddessof4 said...

Congratulations!!!!! I can't believe your baby is 11 months already!!!! I am sure you are glad you made the decision to move closer to family .It seems things happen for a reason. I love your house and what you guys did to it ,I am know you will find the right family to buy it !!!! Good luck!!!! Sara

Sandy said...

I love the old photo of your house.

But...I'm sad to read that you pressure-washed the house and used a wire brush to scrub the wood. Those are 2 of the worst things you could possibly do. It destroys the soft fibers of the wood and will never look the same.

Please! If you purchase another older home, do your research. This is not the 1960s when people sandblasted paint! Valuable information is on the internet if you take a few minutes to search and read.

siding seattle said...

I admire that green painted house, I think its spacious and well ventilated inside.

Max Armstrong said...

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